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Restoring Windows Using the Included Restore Partition

You will want to back up any files, documents or photos that you wish to save before starting this process.  You will not be able to recover them after this process has been completed.   Copying your files to an external hard drive, USB stick, or cloud services such as google drive or dropbox would be the ideal way to not lose any of your valuable data.  Please read all steps below in full before you attempt to recover windows from the recovery partition.



Make sure the computer is completely shut down by using the shutdown option in the windows start menu, or by pressing and holding the power button for at least 5 seconds until all the lights to the machine are off. 



Go ahead and power up the machine.  Once you see something on the monitor or screen, start tapping the F8 key repeatedly.  If done correctly, you should see SYSTEM RECOVERY OPTIONS WINDOW.  If you do not see this window, power off the machine and repeat step 2.  It is possible that this step might take a few tries.



Once you are into the SYSTEM RECOVERY, and SYSTEM RECOVERY OPTIONS box should appear after a few moments.  Select “US” as the keyboard input method and click Next>.



Select Reinstall Windows, which is the option all the way to the bottom.  A notification window will show up and ask you to confirm the selection.  Choose YES.

This Process will take roughly 30 minutes to complete.  Everything will be wiped clean from the computer and it will be brought back to the original settings as if you opened it new out of the box.